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Video: Bold Kid Runs onto Pitch, Steals Soccer Player’s Jersey

We’re not big on promoting illegal behavior here on Opposing Views, but what one kid did at a recent soccer game definitely deserves mention. During a matchup between Kasimpasa and Gaziantepspor, Ekrem Dag of Gaziantepspor scored what was presumably a pretty nifty goal. In celebration of his point, he took off his jersey and began to run around the pitch like a madman. Standard operating procedure for soccer players, of course.

What happened in the post-celebration mayhem, however, was anything but standard operating procedure. Check it out:

Look, again – we’re not going to endorse stealing, or running onto the field during a match, or anything of that sort. It's wrong and you shouldn't do it. But pointing out that what the kid did took some major you-know-whats is just a statement of fact.

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