Video: Bobcats’ Tyrus Thomas Ejected for Hitting Wizards’ James Singleton with Elbow


Tyrus Thomas did a very JaVale McGee thing during Monday night’s showdown between the Charlotte Bobcats and Washington Wizards.

After a day full of discussion, analysis and debate regarding how long Metta World Peace should be suspended for his randomly stupid decision to hit James Harden with an elbow, Thomas opted to get in on the action by throwing an elbow at James Singleton’s head.


Check it out:

Now, a few notes: First of all, this obviously isn’t a one-to one comparison. At least Thomas’ elbow came while he was attempting a basketball move, not in some post-dunk celebration. Secondly, he didn’t try to fight anyone after the fact a la Peace’s almost-altercation with Serge Ibaka. And three, Thomas’ history of doing dumb things isn’t anything like Peace’s track record.

That being said, slightly more than 24 hours after an elbow hit turned the basketball world upside down, you would think that players would be slightly more cognizant of the way they conduct themselves.

Apparently not, though.

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