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Video: Bob Knight Gets Emotional Discussing Son Pat Earning NCAA Bid

Chair-throwing, kid-choking college basketball coaching legend Bob Knight has developed a deservedly hardcore reputation over the course of his lifetime. He’s a tough guy, we all know this. But even the toughest of characters have emotional weaknesses and, for Bob Knight, his (sort of endearing) emotional weakness appears to be his son Pat.

After Lamar clinched an NCAA bid, Bob Knight addressed how he felt about his son’s success:

"I've been in basketball for almost 50 years now," Knight said, "and I think that may be the nicest day I've ever had in basketball today."

The video is even more touching:

So there you have it. Beneath all the undeniable anger issues and inappropriate expressions of rage, Bob Knight is actually a big ol' teddy bear.

(Kudos to Yahoo! Sports for the find)

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