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Video: Blake Griffin Suffers an Actual Injury During Clippers vs. Spurs Game 4

As we noted earlier on Opposing Views, the Los Angeles Clippers got swept out of the playoffs by the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday. The game was pretty unspectacular, all things considered, but it did feature a somewhat monumental occurrence – Blake Griffin went down with an actual injury.

Late in the first half of Game 4, Griffin appeared to get a nasty shoulder blow to the face from Manu Ginobli. If this were any other player, folks would have probably sat up in their chairs and wondered if he was okay. Because of Griffin’s notorious floppiness, though, in this particular case, people had their doubts about the legitimacy of the injury.

Turns out, it was real.

Via CJ Fogler:

Apparently, Griffin’s tooth actually went through his lip. We know what you’re thinking and, yes, that is pretty cool.

Here is how the whole sequence went down:

On the bright side, Griffin has plenty of time to recover now – the Clippers’ next game is scheduled for September.

(Kudos to Sports Grid, SB Nation)

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