Video: Blake Griffin Destroyed Pau Gasol Twice During Clippers vs. Lakers


Blake Griffin is not as good a player as most people think he is. Because of his flashy, highlight-centric style, folks tend to put him up there with the legitimate big men in the NBA. And while that’s fine to do in the All-Star Game where nobody really cares about anything besides jamming the ball through the hoop and bloodying up Kobe Bryant’s nose, it doesn’t translate to being a top-tier superstar in the league.

He’s not better than Kevin Love. He’s not better than Pau Gasol. He’s not a top five power forward in the NBA.

All that being said – the man can dunk. Hard. When he dunks on you, it's a virtual lock that you'll be on SportCenter for at least 24 hours and that you're pretty much destined to go down in viral video infamy.

The NBA probably has anti anxiety medication delivered by the bucket to folks who end up on the wrong end of a Blake Griffin dunk.

Twice during Wednesday night’s showdown between the Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers, he brought the house down on Gasol in embarrassing fashion (although at least one foul on him probably should have been called).

Check it out:

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Predictably, the Clippers still fell to the Lakers 113-108. 

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