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Video: “Best” Dunks From Awful 2011 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Every single year you wonder if the NBA Slam Dunk Contest (presented by Sprite!) can possibly get any worse -- and every year it does.

It’s hard to figure out where exactly this competition went wrong. While no particular year springs to mind as the official turning point, it would probably be somewhere around the time where props began to be allowed. That’s when interesting, amazing dunks suddenly become secondary to which idiotic baked good, or stuffed animal or dumb costume you could drudge up.

This year was no different from the past few disappointing efforts. There was some little kid who I’m pretty sure is the lead rapper from the Far East Movement losing his teddy bear in the rim. And Blake Griffin with the simplest dunk in the world over the simplest car in the world. Plus whatever other forgettable antics occurred during that spectacle last night.

The “car-hop” dunk in particular spoke volumes as to what this whole thing had become. Between marching out the Crenshaw chorus and wheeling out the car (official car sponsor of the NBA dont’cha know) everyone seemed to completely ignore how vanilla the dunk was.

But alas, that’s what this competition has morphed into -- a waste-of-time joke.

And for the love of god, stop with the 7 attempts at a dunk before you succeed. Jesus. If you miss your first two dunks you shouldn’t get a third dunk attempt. Rather, someone should come out with a shotgun and simply put you out of your misery.

Anyway, I wasted at least half an hour of my life watching his spectacle – but you don’t have to. Check out a shortened version of Saturday’s competition in the video HERE.


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