Video: Bengals Chad Ochocinco Rides a Bull for 1.5 Seconds


Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco -- or Chad Johnson, or whatever name he’s calling himself these days -- is no stranger to making headlines off the football field.

After accepting a challenge issued by Sean Gleason, CEO of the Professional Bull Riders’ Association, the eccentric wide receiver opted to ride a bull in what was essentially a win-win situation – assuming he didn't die. Gleason promised Ochocinco $10,000 just for showing up and getting on top of the bull, and then a brand new Ford F150 if he could stay on it for 8 seconds.

Needless to say, much to the chagrin of all of the millions of fans at home who so desperately clung to the hope that their national hero could stay atop of a bull for the duration, he fell off after 1.5 seconds. All things considered, still an impressive feat.

Video of the whole 1.5 seconds can be found below.


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