Video: Ben Wallace’s T-Rex, Half-Car, Half-Motorcycle Thing Will Blow Your Mind

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Detroit Pistons center Ben Wallace isn’t a particularly glamorous guy. In a lot of ways, both in terms of style and substance, he epitomizes the blue collar-looking, hardnosed way we non-Detroit residents imagine the Motor City being like. And so, because he’s clearly not about the flash, it would have been really awkward to see Wallace rolling around in some little red Ferrari. Petite sports cars, mid-sized luxury sedans – those don’t feel like Ben Wallace-esque means of transportation.

On Wednesday, thanks to Evan Dunlap (via Postgame), we got an idea of what Wallace uses to get around. Check it out:

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According to the Postgame, this is a T-Rex, and it's made by Campagna Motors. A quick Google search indicates that these bad boys run in the $50,000ish range, in case you want to pick one up for your kids.

Here is some additional information on this glorified tricycle:

So, is this what we expected Wallace to be driving? Probably not. But does knowing that he uses this to get around make our day just a little bit brighter? Yes – yes it does.

(Kudos to @BQRMagic, Postgame)

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