Video: Bandwagon Miami Heat Fans Excited for New Season

The black-and-red Miami Heat bandwagon, with flames adorning the side like a '57 Chevy, has taken off full blast with the start of the 2010-11 season.

If yesterday’s pre-season exhibition against the Detroit Pistons was any indication, Miami’s new die-hard supporters have replaced Los Angeles Lakers fans as the most annoying know-nothing-about-the-team-but-cheer-for-them-anyway group around. Note: Apologies to Jack Nicholson, who actually is a true fan, and those in the upper deck who don't star on a TV show.

Up until the spring of 2010, the games at Miami’s American Airlines Arena were half empty to start the first quarter. Not so much Tuesday night...

(The Miami Herald was kind enough to put together a little video of the circus show that occurred prior to the game starting. Check it out below.)

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