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Video: Bahrain v. Kuwait Basketball Fight Almost Ends in Shoeicide

Those Bahrain and Kuwait boys are no joke, let me tell you.

During a recent GCC Junior Basketball Championship game between Bahrain and Kuwait, two nameless basketball players got a little miffed with one another. Cool, nothing out of the ordinary.

The two nameless basketball players then had to be separated by teammates. Fine. Again, this is all standard operating basketball brawling procedure -- or simply "practice" for Ron Artest.

Shortly after they were separated, though, things took a turn for the weird. One of the guys involved in the melee reached down, removed his shoe, and began to wave it around like a grenade. Now, we all know hitting somebody with your shoe is a great insult in Muslim countries -- but c'mon, man, you're gonna need that to play.

According to Matt Clapp from The Score -- who originally brought this epic video to our attention -- everyone in attendance eventually had to get down to center court and break up the proceedings before things got too serious and someone did something they would later regret – like taking off a second shoe.

Video of the attempted shoeicide below.


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