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Video: In-Debt Antoine Walker Airballs Free Throw in D-League Debut

The common misconception among ex-NBA players appears to be that they should dictate when and if they get booted from the league.

It’s this particular misconception that leads them to believe that they can return to the best basketball league in the world at the drop of a hat, as long as they have been “getting in shape” with whatever low-rent, gym rat friends they have back home.

This was all made explicitly clear during Antoine Walker’s debut game with the Idaho Stampede in the NBA D-League on Wednesday night. After getting fouled, Walker calmly stepped to the free throw line and prepared for the upcoming free shot. A career shooting-machine, he had no doubt that he would be successful – right up until he released the ball.

Airball. You suck.

Okay, maybe “sucks” is a bit harsh considering he scored 13 points on a 5-for-11 performance in 26 minutes of action during his first outing in a loooong time. However, considering the D-League is equivalent to the girls high school JV team, The Daily Heat ain’t exactly impressed with Walker’s attempt at redemption just yet.

The former shimmy expert played his last NBA game in February of 2008. A little more than a year later the Boston Globe reported that he was broke and in debt – owing more than $4 million to creditors and facing felony charges on check fraud.

This whole stint in the D-League is apparently a building block for Walker so he can eventually return to the NBA and get more money to carelessly spend with no remorse.

Often times, The Daily Heat has been asked what we would do if we won a billion dollars. We only have three things on our wish list:

1.) We’d feed Latrell Sprewell’s kids 2.) We’d pay off Walker’s credit cards and 3.) we’d purchase the Los Angeles Clippers, sign LeBron James, have a meet-and-greet with true, loyal fans who have suffered for 20 years – and then trade him to the Los Angeles Lakers for Theo Ratliff and a second round draft pick.

Check out the video of Walker's failure HERE.

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