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Video: Andrew Bynum Was Very Sensitive After Spurs vs. Lakers

Andrew Bynum really needs to improve his post-game demeanor. It seems like, regardless of whether the Los Angeles Lakers win or lose a game, the guy can’t handle any sort of interviews afterward. He’ll either curse on live TV for no apparent reason, or he’ll do what he did this past Tuesday night after the San Antonio Spurs absolutely spanked his squad (at Staples, no less).

Here is him getting very salty when asked some fairly standard questions:

Bynum finished Tuesday night’s outing with 21 points and seven boards. While the numbers were no doubt impressive, they weren’t especially impactful. The Spurs had their way with L.A. inside all night long, and it seemed like Gregg Popovich more or less found a way to neutralize the Lakers’ most dominant player not named Kobe Bryant.

All things considered, given what happened, Bynum’s postgame reaction was perfectly justified. Of course, it being perfectly justified doesn’t make it right.

The sports world as we know it today thrives on narratives and storylines, regardless of whether they’re accurate or not. Bynum’s current narrative is one where he’s an ultra-talented but supremely immature young superstar-in-the-making. If he wants to change people’s perceptions of him, giving interviews like the one he gave on Tuesday night is not the way to go.

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