Video: Andrew Bynum Stupidly Tries to Steal Ball from Teammate During Lakers vs. Spurs

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In a city where just being a great basketball player isn’t enough, Andrew Bynum is legitimately beginning to overshadow Kobe Bryant as Los Angeles’ most interesting NBA personality.

Following Wednesday night’s huge 98-84 statement game win versus the San Antonio Spurs, Bynum should have been on top of the world. Sure, he had something of an off shooting night (16 points on seven-of-20 from the field), but he also accomplished a feat that not even Shaquille O’Neal was able to achieve during his time with the Los Angeles Lakers – he nabbed 30 rebounds.

Of course, in typical Andrew Bynum fashion, the guy who will presumably be the face of the Lakers franchise for the next decade found several creative and unique ways to turn a positive evening into a negative one. First, there was this awkward attempt at stealing the ball from teammate Steve Blake at the end of Wednesday night’s game (via Steve von Horn):

And then there was his closing statement on how he felt the evening had gone (Warning: Mildly offensive language):

(via Jose3030)

Two problems with the above clip. One, the fact that in this day and age Bynum doesn’t realize where he can and can’t curse is mind-boggling. This isn’t some benchwarmer who has never been in the limelight. By now, you would think that the 24-year-old Lakers center would have some sort of sense on appropriate interview etiquette. Two, it’s troubling that on an evening where he controlled the glass, Bynum’s main concern was scoring.

And for anyone who wants to argue that Bynum was just irritated about his poor shooting performance because he wants every facet of his game to be on point – THIS IS A GUY WHO PLEDGED TO SHOOT THREE-POINTERS DEPSITE THE FACT THAT HE’S AWFUL AT SHOOTING THEM AND HIS COACH TOLD HIM NOT TO. Bynum doesn’t care about improving various areas of his game, he cares about scoring.

Just saying.

Stay tuned, things promise to only get more interesting from here.

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