Video: Allen Iverson Gives a Really Great Interview During Celtics vs. 76ers


Wednesday night’s Boston Celtics versus Philadelphia 76ers Game 6 match-up was horrible in every possible way. The Celtics couldn’t really score, the Sixers weren’t especially pleasant to watch and the end result, Philly forcing a Game 7, wasn’t something that basketball fans were pining away for. All that said, the evening was still amazing. And the reason that it was amazing is because Allen Iverson opted to attend the festivities.

During the game, in a welcome break from on-the-court action, he did a brief interview with whatshername from ESPN. Topics covered included – Kevin Garnett’s recent shot at Philly fans, Iverson’s future in basketball and much more.

Check out the whole thing below:

Frankly, we could watch that clip on mute and still get some pleasure out of it. A.I. at a Sixers game, decked out in Sixers gear, and with his feet on the Sixers' court? Yes, please.

(Kudos Complex)

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