Video: Albert Pujols Throws His Glove at Fellow Angel Erick Aybar


In theory, the Angels beating the Twins 6-2 on Wednesday night should have been reason enough for everyone to go home happy. Even the completely awful Albert Pujols didn’t suck in the effort – ultimately going 2-for-5 with two RBIs. Unfortunately, the Angels (who are 14-18 now) couldn’t even get the postgame celebration right. During the customary high-five, handshake thing that these guys do tend to do, Pujols and Erick Aybar had something of a tiff.

For whatever reason, rather than slapping Pujols’ hand, Aybar opted to tap him on the elbow. Pujols didn’t respond kindly to that, and threw his glove in a fit of rage (alright not rage, but definitely annoyance):

Some are saying that Pujols reacted like he did because Aybar tapped him on the elbow that he had work done on a few years back. Could be. Either way, nothing epitomizes the sort of year that the Angels have had thus far as well as that amazingly stupid exchange does.

(Kudos to Midwest Sports Fans via The Big Lead)

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