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Video: Alabama Fan Father Gets BCS Championship Game Tickets for Christmas

It’s been tough turning on the news this holiday season. Whether it’s my TV, radio, computer, tablet or smart phone, almost every time I turn a media reporting device it seems that there is bad news.

If it’s not a natural disaster that’s making headlines and running lives, it’s innocent people being killed by gunfire. It’s unfortunate enough when virtuous people are killed by an unstable person carrying a hand gun or legal firearm, but now we seem to have a wave of sicko’s carrying assault weapons and claiming the lives of groups of innocent adults and children at a time. The shooting in Newtown, CT…The ambushing of volunteer fireman in Rochester, NY… You can’t make this stuff up! I’m all for the 2nd Amendment, but somehow I don’t think that was meant to intend that we should all be able to walk around with an Uzi or AK-47.

In the wake of these senseless deaths from people being shot, while some people are begging for stricter gun control, others are arguing that the solution is to make certain that good guys have guns too. Somehow I don’t think that either extreme, no one carrying a gun or everyone packing a firearm, is the solution. But that’s just me…

Then there is the economy… Politicians who appear too self-absorbed and inept to work together, are now tampering with not just the economy, but the wallets and bank accounts of citizens. These morons (on both sides) seem perfectly willing to send us over the fiscal cliff, just so they can blame it on their counterparts. Don’t look now but; we’ve elected incompetent imbeciles dead set on letting tax rates return to higher levels, while knowing that they will then lower them to some level higher than today’s rates, but only after the calendar turns over. This, while also knowing full well that the politicians will then claim to their constituents that they’ve cut our taxes… Confused? Think about a store raising the price of something you want to by 30% and then discounting that object by 20% and claiming that there is a sale on the product. That’s right, they aren’t even going to use Vaseline, just bend over and wince (or enjoy, whatever your preference…)

So with all the doom and gloom this holiday season, when I saw the expression of emotion of Don Buckhannan’s face as he opened a Christmas present from his son, I had to smile. Don, who lives in Oxford, Alabama is a huge Crimson Tide fan and his son Daniel gave him tickets to the BCS National Championship Game for a Christmas gift. What first appears to be a thoughtful gift of an Alabama hat turns into much more…

Personally, I like the, “Hot Diggity Dog!” comment when Don first takes the hat out of the bag. That was money.. The video could have ended there and I would have had a smile on my face. But to see the emotion when Don recognizes that he’s going to the big game was precious. Now that’s what life should be about… Enjoy the game with your son Don. Hope you have a blast…


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