Video: Airman Proposes on JumboTron at Royals Game

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We've seen it many times -- the proposal on the video screen at a ballgame. The woman says yes, they kiss and they live happily ever after. But an Air Force airman did it with a twist at a recent Kansas City Royals game.

Between innings of the game on Monday, a Royals reporter was interviewing Araceli Miranda, purportedly about the game. But the announcer told her to turn around and look at the JumboTron.

And there was her boyfriend, Eddie Ludsko. The two hadn't seen in other in a year while Ludsko was serving overseas. On the video he asked her to marry him.

But here's the twist -- Ludsko wasn't overseas anymore; he was in the stadium.

She ran to him, and he got down on his knee and proposed in person. She said yes, of course.

The Daily Mail reports that the Royals usually do not allow custom marriage proposals on the big screen. But in this case, since it was a military member and it was Memorial Day, the team had no trouble making an exception.


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