Video: Aaron Brooks Breaks His Tooth During Bulls vs. Kings


Wednesday night’s showdown between the Chicago Bulls and Sacramento Kings wasn’t exactly a marquee match-up, but the game actually ended up being a lot better than expected. Chicago (without Derrick Rose, obviously) held steady control throughout, however, Sacramento definitely performed better than most people figured they would/could.

All of that praise for how surprisingly solid this game was aside, though, the most interesting part of it wasn’t actually related legitimate basketball-happenings. No, the most interesting thing that happened in this one was Aaron Brooks breaking his tooth while attempting to grab a loose ball.

On the bright side, even though Brooks only scored seven points (three-of-10 shooting) and busted up his tooth, he got some legitimate run in this one. Twenty three minutes was the second most of any bench player on the Kings. He could end up being a really productive contributor for this squad in 2012.

(Kudos CBS Sports)

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