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Video: 5 Minutes of Ric Flair and Other Pro Wrestlers Beating Up a Hamster, Inanimate Objects

Professional wrestling, otherwise known as That Scripted Thing Where They Hit Each Other With Chairs, is something of an acquired taste. Almost every young sports fan at one time or another has watched the WWF/WWE in some capacity; however, most eventually grew out of that little phase. Because nearly all sports fans are acquainted with the wrestling-that-isn’t-really-wrestling, though, they tend to enjoy videos like the one we’re posting below.

This clip was originally put out there by the good folks at The Big Lead, and it’s quickly become a viral sensation in the 12 hours since it was submitted. Here is basically a compilation of wrestlers beating up inanimate objects (and a hamster):

No, you'll never get those five minutes of your life back.

(Kudos The Big Lead)

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