Video: 2010 Lakers Championship Ring Ceremony

While the Miami Heat were off choking the night away on the east coast, the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers received their beautiful championship rings on Tuesday.

Team owner Jerry Buss came up with the design of the ring before having the good people at Jason of Beverly Hills create it. While nobody on the team would divulge how much the rings cost, just by looking the amazing piece, one can see that it didn’t come cheap.

The rings are unique in large part due to the fact that each one contains a piece of leather from the game ball of Game 7 of the 2009-10 NBA Finals. The front has a circumference of 16 white diamonds to represent the franchise’s 16 titles, and two championship trophies made up of 16-karat gold. Further, each side contains a three-dimensional likeness of the player receiving it.

Check out the video of the ceremony HERE.


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