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Video: 13 Injured During Celebration After Oklahoma State's Win vs. Oklahoma

A total of 13 people were injured on Saturday night when thousands of fans stormed the field following Oklahoma State’s 44-10 blowout win versus Oklahoma. A total of two people were airlifted to hospitals after the fact, university personnel said.

One person reportedly fell 15 feet onto concrete during the celebration and others were trampled, Michael Authement, head of command at LifeNet EMS told the Associated Press after the incident.

"They won the game and stormed the field and ripped down the goalposts, and some were jumping off the stands and hit the field and others got trampled. It was a nasty deal," Authement said.

"There were thousands of people. Thousands of people stormed the field. You couldn't move there were so many people."

The scene was so horrific, apparently, that it drew comparisons of natural disasters that had recently struck Oklahoma.

"This was way worse than the earthquake," Authement said, referring to the magnitude-5.6 quake that hit central Oklahoma and the same stadium as fans were leaving a game Nov. 5.

Check out a video of the celebration below.


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