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Victoria’s Secret Messes Up Michigan State T-Shirts, Still a Wonderful Company

Don’t tell anyone, but Victoria’s secret is out: she doesn’t know squat about college football.

As first reported by Darren Rovell of CNBC and later by the good folks at Yahoo! Sports, Victoria’s Secret -- yes, that Victoria’s Secret -- recently experienced some misfortunate when the company attempted to design “cute and sexy” college football apparel.

All seemed well at first, when the world-renowned charitable organization that provides men everywhere with gifts that keep on giving designed a Michigan State t-shirt with the word “Spartans” scrawled across the front, and the Michigan State logo printed on the back.

The issue some had with it, however, was that underneath the school name, the company placed the phrase, “Hail to the Victors.” While that motto no doubt screams “sexy” like nothing else, the problem with printing it on a Michigan State shirt is that the motto actually belongs to Michigan, not Michigan State.

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Before you Michigan and Michigan State folks get all offended and whatnot, though, try to open your minds a bit. Victoria’s Secret has also been responsible for campaigns like this:

Really, what have you done with your lives that puts you in a position to judge her? That's what I thought.

Big picture, I think that despite this minor flub, we should continue to recognize Victoria's Secret as the model of American Exceptionalism that it always has been.

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