Michael Vick: "My Whole Life was a Lie"


I’ll be the first to say that I didn’t want Michael Vick back in the NFL. I didn’t think he deserved it as I thought everything he did was reprehensible enough that he should find other employment. As for football being his livelihood, that’s what the UFL and CFL are for.

But, he’s back, and I have to admit I’ve softened my stance a bit. And his interview with Jim Mora that aired this morning on NFL Network made me soften even more. This is what I wanted to hear from him last year, but never did.

“There was nothing you could do, Jim,” Vick told Mora. “The best thing for me, that ever happened to me up to this point, as crazy as it may sound, was me being shipped off to Kansas. Because other than that, I wasn’t going to change. I wasn’t going to get all the people away from me that was leeches and wanted to be around. I wasn’t going to stop fighting dogs.”

He said he wasn’t going to change his life because he knew what a superstar he was. He said, “I was thinking, hey, man, I’m Mike Vick, what’s the worst thing that’s gonna happen to me?”

Vick said that if he wasn’t forced to go to Leavenworth, he would have never changed. And he’s pretty damn believable.

“My mom tried to tell me,” Vick said. “In one ear and out the other. There was nothing nobody could have done to change my situation but the man upstairs, who said, ‘Listen, before this goes any further, I’m going to take all this away from you for a while.’”

Mora, who said he hadn’t seen Vick since Mora was fired a couple years ago, asked him about how he misled the coaches and staff in Atlanta.

“My whole life was a lie, Jim — everything, A to Z,” Vick said, adding that he was constantly at his dog-fighting operation. “Every week — every week. . . . I just told you, my whole life was a lie, Jim.”

It was a very revealing interview, and the kind of frank chat that he should have had last year. There was something still reserved in him last year. He just didn’t come off as genuine to me. But, he’s starting to now and it sounds like he’s grown up quite a bit.

Hopefully, he has.


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