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NFL: Will Eagles Sit Vick in Favor of Kolb During Playoffs?

While we typically take things that Sal Paolantonio says with a grain of salt, we thought this might be worth mentioning. Today, Vick will sit and rest against the Dallas Cowboys while Kevin Kolb gets the start.

Is it possible a strong performance today by Kolb could put Vick on a short leash for the playoffs?

According to Paolantonio, yes. He says that Andy Reid has gotten frustrated with Vick not knowing how to pick up the blitz and he mentioned it to him a couple of times against the Vikings on Tuesday night.

In the last few games, teams have really put the heat on Vick. The Giants and the Vikings were up in his kitchen and he was struggling to make the right call. Most of the time, he’s been reverting back to Atlanta Vick, where he makes one quick read and then takes off running.

It can be very effective, but you don’t want to run your offense that way. We’ll see what happens in the playoffs, but keep an eye on Kolb today. If he looks sharp, Andy might be a little quicker to make the move (as crazy as that sounds).


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