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Vicious Brawl At 49ers Game Leads To Arrests, Hospitalizations (Video)

A vicious brawl between 49ers fans at Levi’s Stadium yesterday left a fan with severe head injuries. The fight, which was caught on tape, was allegedly started when one fan didn’t wait in line to use the bathroom.

YouTube user Alex C uploaded the footage yesterday. The video’s caption reads “First thing that happened when entering bathroom. All due to impatience for an open stall.”

On the video, a man is seen looking to his side for a moment before lunging and punching the man he was staring at. The attacking man, identified as Amador Rebollero, lands three brutal blows to the other fan’s head, leaving him on the ground unable to get up. Another fan jumps in to break up the fight, but Rebollero and an accomplice, identified as Dario Rebollero, throw that fan to the ground and beat him as well. The Rebollero’s then fled the bathroom.

Here’s the footage:

Santa Clara Police say both men were arrested and charged with felony assault. Both victims were taken to the hospital immediately after the incident. One was treated for injuries and released while the other remains in the hospital in serious condition.


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