Veteran Says Eagles Fan Stole His Prosthetic Leg (Video)


Sonny Forriest Jr., a U.S. veteran who sings outside Lincoln Financial Field when Philadelphia teams are playing, allegedly had his prosthetic leg stolen by an unidentified female Eagles fan on Sunday night at 8:30 p.m.

Forriest claims the young woman was drunk, climbed onto his lap and damaged the microphone that he uses to sing with.

"She said, 'I will pay you for it.' I said, 'That's alright baby go ahead and have a good time,' and then she disappeared," Forriest told 6 ABC (video below).

Suddenly, Forriest realized she was carrying his prosthetic leg, which he had placed near his wheelchair.

Fortunately, police did find the prosthetic leg on a subway train at about 1 a.m this morning.

Forriest says he was told there is surveillance video of the incident, but holds no ill will.

"Somebody need to talk to her, she don't need to go to jail," Forriest told NBC Philadelphia.

Sources: NBC Philadelphia, 6 ABC


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