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Vera Gets Big Win vs. Mora at "Super Brawl"

Fort Worth, TX – Results from the “Super Brawl” card that took place Friday night at the Fort Worth Convention Center.  The card was broadcast on ESPN’s Friday Night Fights series.

10 Round Middleweight Main Event
Brian Vera (18-5, 11 KOs) SD RD 10 Sergio Mora (22-2-2, 6 KOs)
Scores:  96-94 Mora, 96-94 Vera, 96-94 Vera

You have to love the way Vera fights.  The kid never comes in to lose, often despite insurmountable odds.  But, for Vera no challenge is too great, no fighter is too tough and it showed Friday night as few gave him much of a shot against the hyped Sergio Mora.  But, throughout the fight it was Vera who did all he knows how to do, bring the pain throughout the fight.  Yeah, it was Mora who was the faster fighter but his hand speed could not turn the tide that Vera was bringing with him in the bout. 

However, Mora began to utilize his trademark slickness and unorthodox punching angles to enjoy some success in the fourth round.  But, even though Mora’s work rate and punch out put began to rise in the fourth, one got the feeling that Vera would be able to muscle his way back into the contest.

Which is exactly what happened in the sixth round as Vera took it up a notch landing thudding shots to the body and head of Mora, opening a cut over the left eye of the “Latin Snake.”  Mora would try to rally back in the seventh trying to box from the outside to moderate success.  However, as has been the case time and time again in the fight, for every punch that Mora landed Vera would come roaring back inside.  What transpired was a beautiful exchange of leather to close out the seventh round. 

Mora would have some solid success in the ninth round as Mora began to work the exposed body of Vera.  After being battered by Vera throughout most of the fight, it was refreshing to finally see Mora fight with a sense of urgency.  Still, despite the success enjoyed in the ninth round, it seemed that Vera wanted the fight more, closing out the tenth and final round in strong fashion.  Solid win for Vera.

8 Round Junior Middleweight Co-Main Event
Charles Hatley (14-0-1, 11 KOs) Majority Draw Chris Chatman (9-1-1, 4 KOs)
Scores:  77-73 Hatley, 75-75, 75-75

Hatley, long held as one of the region’s most promising young prospects, gave a national audience a view of “The Future.”  Hatley came out with a blistering pace dropping Chatman early in the fist round with a right hand-left hook combo.  Hatley continued the domination, peppering Chatman throughout the opening round leaving the San Diego native on unsteady legs. 

However, despite Hatley’s dominance in the opening round was cooled a tad in the second round as Chatman’s underappreciated toughness was on display.  Chatman simply wouldn’t go away and continued to walk through fire to try and land some shots on the more active Haltey.  Credit has to be given to Chatman who arguably has given Hatley his sternest test to date.  Simply put, Chatman, who’s built like a tank, proved that with heart and determination you can stave off an unrelenting attack.

In fact, it was Chatman’s tenacity that allowed him to seize control during the second half of the fight as Hatley became noticeably fatigued.  Things turned south for Hatley in the eighth and final round as it appeared that Chatman was the fresher fighter and even floored and wobbled Hatley toward the end of the fight.  In the end it would be that eighth round knockdown that would keep Chatman from taking a loss on his record.

While I would have given the fight to Hatley, 5-3, but the fact that Chatman appeared to have taken control of the second half of the fight might have swayed the judges. 

“He blew his load in the first round,” a clearly dejected Chatman told our Roland Gamez after the fight.  “I won that fight.” 

Bantamweight Fight
Ray Ximenez , Jr. (2-0) UD 4 Alfredo Berto (1-4)
Scores: 40-36, 40-36, 40-36

If you know the Dallas amateur boxing scene then you know just how talented Dallas’ Ray Ximenez is.  Against the over-matched Berto, Ximenez exhibited all the traits and talents that made him a great amateur.  Fast hands, ring generalship, and underrated power enabled Ximenez to beat the stuffing out of Houston’s Berto.  Watching Ximenez was again to watching a beautiful dance of fluid punishment.  Berto was no match for Ximenez and as the fight wore on you had to wonder why Berto’s corner did nothing to save their fighter from the sustained punishment he took in the bout.


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