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Vegas Releases Early Odds For 2015 NBA Champions, Spurs Not Favorites

In the world of Vegas, it’s never too early to start thinking about next year. That’s why, despite the Spurs being crowned NBA champions just two days ago, bookkeepers have already released their early odds for who will take home the Larry O’Brien trophy in 2015.

Their number one choice? No, not the Spurs. It’s the Heat – you know, the team San Antonio just whipped up and down the court for the last week and a half.

Of course, these odds will change drastically depending on what happens in free agency and the draft, but it’s fun nonetheless to see what people are expecting to see next year. If LeBron leaves Miami, I’d think the Heat will freefall down this list to around where the Nets currently sit.

Miami is followed by San Antonio, Oklahoma City, the Clippers, and the Pacers in the top five. Bucks fans, meanwhile, might as well skip next season altogether. Here, courtesy of CBS Sports, is the whole list:

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