Will Spurs Beat The Heat? Vegas Weighs In

We told you earlier about how all polls overwhelmingly point to America wanting to see the Spurs take home the Larry O’Brien trophy this year. The nationwide tilt towards San Antonio does not stop with polls, though. Even Vegas thinks the Spurs will win.

Despite the fact that the Heat are chasing their third consecutive title, they are slight underdogs in the series. Vegas bookies have the Spurs odds of winning the title at 4/5, while the Heat’s are slightly lower at 20/21. The difference is only marginal, but still -- it’s a funny thing to see a team chasing their third consecutive title rated as underdogs.

One thing that could significantly shift these odds is the health of Tony Parker’s ankle. The uber-important guard for San Antonio missed the second half of Game 6 versus the Thunder because of the injury, and many have questioned if he will be back to full strength for this series.

Two separate sources with direct knowledge of the situation told Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski that Parker “should be ready” to play in Game 1. 

Parker confirmed the news in a recent interview with a French radio station.

“I twisted my ankle in Game 4 of the first round against Dallas,” he said.  “I continued to play with the pain and I again twisted the ankle in Game 4 of the conference finals against Oklahoma City. I gritted my teeth; I did not mean to abandon my teammates. But the pain was too strong in the sixth game. I could not really play anymore.

“Today, I spend my days in treatment. But the good news is that I will play the first game of the Finals on Thursday against the Heat. I may not be 100% but I'll be there. In 13 years, I played seven conference finals and I have the chance to play my fifth Finals with Spurs. This is really great. I continue my dream, this is really something great.”

Sources: Sports Illustrated, Yahoo Sports, CBS Sports


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