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New York Yankees' Vazquez Promises to Fix Mistakes

From Jonathan Tayler:

Even away from the bright lights of Yankee Stadium, Javier Vazquez knows that all eyes will still be on him Tuesday night in the relative anonymity of Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum.

"I've still got to come back and pitch here [at home]," Vazquez said before Sunday's game against the Texas Rangers. "Just got to get on the right path with my mechanics and game and take it from there."
Vazquez knows what his problem is: A hitch in his motion that has him coming to the plate too quickly, causing his arm to drag behind. The result is a flattening out of his pitches, allowing hitters to get easy hacks.

"It's easily correctable," Vazquez said. "This is something that I've done pretty much all my career. That's my key. Sometimes I get away from it a little bit and I've got to remind myself to go back to it."

He also said this about the boos he received in the Bronx last start being "unfair":

"The fans are fans," Vazquez said, "and I know that once I get going and start pitching better they're going to root for me. They booed a lot of people here. When I was here in 2004, they did it to [Derek] Jeter. You just have to start pitching well and forget about it."

That's much better than saying that they're "unfair" like he did after his last start.

Hopefully he's right, and his mechanical problems are easily fixed. He is a very important piece of the Yankees' upcoming roadtrip.

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