Tressel's Plain Offense Hurts Ohio State

As I sat back and watched the second half of the Ohio State-Illinois game I couldn’t help but be absolutely disgusted by the Buckeye offense. To be clear, it wasn’t the players that disgusted me, but rather it was the coach and his mentality that made me sick. The Bucks ran 24 plays from scrimmage in the second half and 20 of those were vanilla, up-the-middle run plays to running backs that are regarded as only slightly above average.

This will not do. When you have arguably the nations second best talent at quarterback (Denard Robinson is at the top, don’t play yourself Buckeye fans), you USE him. You play to your strengths. Jim Tressel’s archaic way of doing things is a contributing factor to why the Buckeyes continually struggle against elite programs who are ahead of the curve instead of behind it.

If anybody in scarlett and gray nation was proud of that victory, I’ll just flat out call you a bunch of apologists. What I saw was a team playing not to lose, playing the outdated, 1950′s style “Tressel-Ball” that has proven to be futile.

It’s nothing more than a game plan that teams with inferior talent use against team stacked with talent. In no way, shape, or form should this year’s version of Ohio State football ever resort to such timidity on the field. Yes, “Tressel-Ball” was needed when Pryor was out and Joe “Todd Boeckman Jr” Bauserman was under center, but when Pryor returned the emergency bail-out plan should have been ejected out of the playbook.

What happened to the versatile offense we saw previously this year? Why does the beginning of Big Ten conference play mean calling plays scared?

Michigan does not play scared. They know they have the best talent, and they dare you to beat them. The rest of the conference is lucky the Wolverines defense is so flawed. Michigan is getting ahead of the curve. Creative play calling, creating mismatches, changing up tempo, and spreading the field are all staples of being successful on offense in the college game of today.

Ohio State shows flashes of this, but through periods of idiocy and lack of intestinal fortitude, Tressel turns back the clock on his team. Woody Hayes is dead. Woody Hayes had his time. We don’t need to see anything resembling what Woody Hayes did.

In the infamous words of fellow Euclidian Robert Smith, “I don’t give a damn about Woody Hayes.”

Tressel better take a long hard look in the mirror and thank his lucky stars that Ron Zook is a much more inept coach than he is. The Buckeyes should have lost this game today. They came out flat, uninspired, and ugly. A reflection of the awful game plan.

I would not be so critical if I didn’t think the Buckeyes had an obvious talent advantage over other teams. But they do, and there is absolutely no excuse for the manner with which they played in the second half.

Even Pryor showed frustration at the play calling, and he had every right to be upset.

A killer instinct is an important trait of any competitor, and unfortunately our leader didn’t have one against Illinois.

It’s not popular and it’s being highly critical, but it had to be said.

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This article originally appeared on LandLoyalty.com


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