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Vanessa Bryant Wisely Waited 10 Years to Divorce Lakers Kobe Bryant

Vanessa Bryant wisely waited a full 10 years before finally divorcing her Los Angeles Lakers superstar husband, Kobe Bryant. The decision to ignore Kobe’s confirmed past infidelity coupled with the fact that the pair seemingly didn’t get a prenuptial agreement prior to their 2001 marriage means that Vanessa is entitled to half of Kobe’s massive fortune.

As per the Los Angeles Times:

The fact the marriage lasted 10 years gives Vanessa Bryant several advantages under California divorce law. After passing the 10-year mark, attorney Dmitry Gorin said, a marriage is defined as a lengthy one, which means the spouse is allowed to maintain her standard of living after the split.

Gorin said Vanessa Bryant may be entitled to permanent spousal support and may even be part of Kobe Bryant's retirement plans. She'll probably get "more than enough for many lifetimes," Gorin said.

That same report by the Times notes that Vanessa is entitled to at least half of Kobe’s purported $300 million net worth in the divorce settlement. And, of course, that’s to say nothing of the ongoing spousal and child support she’s virtually guaranteed to receive.

Last year Kobe signed a contract extension with the Lakers worth $83.5 million. As per Forbes, Bryant is also believed to have earned $53 million in pre-tax endorsement deal revenue.

Back in 2004 Kobe was famously accused of sexually assaulting a woman in Colorado. After the allegations came to light, he hosted a public news conference -- with Vanessa by his side -- in which he admitted that he committed adultery but denied doing anything that could even be remotely construed as sexual assault.

In an ABC report shortly thereafter, a friend of the accuser said that the accuser was perplexed by Vanessa’s presence at that news conference: "She couldn't believe that his wife was sitting there and apparently didn't care about adultery."

Recently, the Daily Mail reported that Vanessa considered filing for divorce four years ago before ultimately deciding against it:

Kobe Bryant was almost served with divorce papers four years ago it has emerged.

The love cheat's estranged wife Vanessa saw divorce lawyers after being pushed to the limit by the NBA legend's antics, according to RadarOnline.

But she had a change of heart after the Los Angeles Lakers star promised to change his ways and attend marriage counselling.

A source close to the couple said: 'Vanessa almost threw in the towel four years ago. 'Kobe has always had a slew of girlfriends, and the cheating was almost blatant.

So to recap: despite the fact that Kobe continued to (allegedly) cheat on her for years after the incident in Colorado, Vanessa stuck by him. Aside from one minor blip four years ago when she met with a divorce attorney and was given her options, I mean. Then she went home and stayed married to him until last Friday when she filed a divorce petition citing “irreconcilable differences.”

And now she’s basically guaranteed to make anywhere from $75 to $150+ million.  

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