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Vanessa Bryant Moving to New York; Not Reconciling with Kobe?

Vanessa Bryant and her Los Angeles Lakers superstar husband, Kobe Bryant, gave all of America hope this past Valentine’s Day when the pair was spotted smooching in the locker room. Talk of reconciliation and $75 million of Kobe’s fortune not being ripped away from him ensued, predictably. However, as it turns out, maybe that chatter was a little premature.

According to the good folks at TMZ, Vanessa and the kids are shopping for a new place in New York City. While it’s unclear whether or not the move is more of an investment property or more of a residential decision, this doesn’t seem to bode well for the king and queen of L.A. sports getting back together.

Per the report:

Vanessa Bryant and her kids were in New York City over the weekend, looking for a big ol' apartment ... TMZ has learned.

Real estate sources tell us ... Vanessa won't say if she's packing up and moving from California -- but she definitely wants to buy a place in NYC.

Regardless of what ultimately ends up happening, thanks to the fact that Vanessa wisely stayed with Kobe for 10 years despite his public dalliances, she’s entitled to a pretty hefty fortune no matter what. As we reported when the story broke, Vanessa will net $75 million and three mansions (valued at 18.8 million per the L.A. Times) for her troubles – not including spousal support.

Will Vanessa and Kobe get back together? It remains to be seen. Will Vanessa be rolling in dough either way? Yup.  

Maybe this is why Kobe was so salty on Sunday night.

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