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Vanderbilt Basketball Coach Threatens To Kill Player, Apologizes (Video)

Vanderbilt Commodores defeated NCAA rival Tennessee 73-65 on Feb. 26, but Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings was not happy.

After the game, Vanderbilt player Wade Baldwin IV mockingly clapped at the opposing team, reports CBS News.

After a Tennessee Volunteers assistant coach told Stallings about the incident, the head coach went into an angry, profanity-laced rant that was picked up by ESPN microphones (video below).

Stallings demanded that Baldwin apologize, but the player walked away.

"I'm going to f----- kill you!" Stallings yelled, noted The Washington Post.

Stallings later released a statement on the Vanderbilt website:

"After the game, an incident occurred in which I need to apologize for. One of our players acted inappropriately and violated what we believe is good sportsmanship following the game. In my haste to resolve the situation, I made a very inappropriate comment. While obviously it was not meant literally, it was still inappropriate. I apologized to the player immediately following the game, although displaying good sportsmanship is of the highest priority in our program.”

Stallings also tweeted an apology, "I am very remorseful of my actions tonight."

Wade tweeted his support, "Coach Stallings is the best coach in America. I felt no offense to anything. We are both fiery people and that's why I chose Vandy."

Sources: CBS News, Vanderbilt, The Washington Post, ESPN
Image Credit: ESPN Screenshot


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