Vancouver Riots: 2nd Great Sports Story of the Week


If you're an American sports fan, like me, this week has been one long week of warm and comforting events. First, we had the Dallas Mavericks beat the insanely arrogant LeBron James and his ego-driven band of Miami Heatles in the NBA Finals and remind everyone that truth, justice and the American way can prevail, even if we need a German to do the heavy lifting. Then, only three nights later, we got another unexpected treat: The city of Vancouver goes into full riot mode after its team loses the Stanley Cup. As in, fires, burnt cars and destruction. General mayhem. Police with sheilds. That kind of civic craziness.

Now I know what you're saying: Wait, how can you possibly say the Vancouver riots are a comforting thing? Why is that a feel good story? Simple: We. Are. Not. Alone. Other countries -- like our supposedly gentile neighbor to the north -- have throngs of idiots and morons just like us! This is so refreshing. As Americans, we've seen countless riots in our cities after sporting events. It was so depressing. So embarrassing. It really made me wonder if there was something inherently wrong with us as a sports-addicted culture. Each time we watched Los Angeles explode or Denver melt down I wondered 'Who are these raging animals that live among us?' But this one happened in Canada, in a city known for its cosmopolitan flair. And that makes all the difference. We're not alone, America. Rejoice in that! Idiot fools live and breathe in other countries as well. So sit back, crack open a Molson, and enjoy the show, eh?



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