Vancouver Couple Makes Out During Post-Stanley Cup Finals Riots


On Wednesday night, some hockey teams played or something. The far more important event occurred after Game 7 of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, though, when a horde of angry Vancouver residents took to the streets like an irate flash mob and rioted over the fact that their team -- the Vancouver Canucks -- flamed out 0-4 to the Boston Bruins in the deciding championship game.

While watching Canadians pointlessly burn their country down is never not funny, the best thing to come out of their riot was this picture via Rich Lam and Getty images:

Perhaps if all Vancouver residents did a bit more of that, they wouldn’t have to resort to releasing their pent up aggression through the senseless destruction of their own property.

Also, check out this guy jumping through fire -- and failing, of course -- during the riot in the video below.


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