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Lebron Friend Sonny Vaccaro Thinks James is Done in Cleveland

Sonny Vaccaro was once considered the most powerful man in amateur basketball. He also considers Cleveland Cavaliers superstar (former Cavaliers superstar?) LeBron James to be a friend. Oh, and he told an ESPN radio station that there is a very good chance that James is done with the Cavaliers.

He was asked if LeBron could end up in Chicago with the Bulls, who are the local basketball team in the Windy City.

“The scenario has now been discussed, even though people deny everything,” Vaccaro said. “This could happen.”

Vaccaro said he thinks that LeBron will leave Cleveland in order to have a better chance to win a championship. In theory, that should rule out the New York Knicks. Unless they also get Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Scott Brooks and Andre Turner to sign there as well.

“If he chooses to leave, and I believe he will, he has the pick of the litter of where he can go,” said Vaccarro, who even mentioned the Clippers as a possible destination. “In my opinion, the Bulls are the perfect fit.”

The Clippers?! That’s where young men go to die. But, in talking about the Bulls, he mentioned John Calipari, who jumps from job to job faster than a narcoleptic night watchmen.

“If it happens, it will be because of the ultimate quest,” Vaccaro said. “What is the ultimate quest? To be a professional champion. And the only blight on the basketball court on John’s resume is the failure with the Nets.

“This would be the only scenario in my mind — I can’t speak for John in an official capacity – that he would leave for. And it would also be tangible because of LeBron.”

Vaccaro also mentioned that LeBron is very close with Calipari. It’s probably due to the fact that LeBron used to be a ginormous fan of Lou Roe when he was at UMass.

“There’s a very close, wonderful relationship there, and the seeds have been sown over a period of time now,” he said. “And it has nothing to do with anyone thinking they’re going to either Chicago or the Knicks or John Calipari going back to the pros. It’s a friendship.”

So there you have it. Write it down: LeBron to the Oklahoma City Thunder.


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