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UVA Lacrosse Murder Case: New Details Emerge About Huguely, Love

George Huguely V -- the former University of Virginia (UVA) lacrosse player who allegedly killed his on-again, off-again girlfriend Yeardley Love -- did not know Love was dead going into his interview with police.

According to his defense attorney, Huguely was not aware until nearly the one-hour point of his interview with the Charlottesville police detectives that Love was dead and that he was a suspect.

Appearing in court on Monday, the defense attorney revealed the following details regarding Huguely’s conversation with Detective Lisa Reeves:

“She’s dead, George, and you killed her,” Reeves told him hours after Love’s body was found face down in a bloody pillow by her roommate May 3.

At that point, Huguely replied that he did not believe this. He also added:

“There is nothing I did to her last night that could have killed her.”

These statements were brought up in the somewhat stretched-out proceedings that ensued during Monday’s preliminary hearings. Ultimately, by the end of the nine-hour event, District Court Judge Robert H. Downer Jr. ruled that there was enough evidence to proceed to the next step of the legal process.

Later in the month, a grand jury in the Charlottesville Circuit Court will determine whether or not to indict the 23-year-old Huguely on the charges of felony murder, assault, robbery and burglary as they related to the death of Love and theft of her computer.

Throughout the Monday proceedings, more than 20 witnesses described the troubled relationship between the young couple. Among the people who took the stand were Love’s mother and sister. Relatives of Huguely were also in court.

Also placed on record were the statements of several men’s lacrosse players who noted that on the day that Love died, they saw Huguely drinking heavily. As per their statements, he appeared intoxicated at various points from 9 in the morning all the way up until midnight.


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