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Utah Drops Ball Inches Before Goal Line, Oregon Scores Touchdown (Video)

An apparent 79-yard touchdown by Utah wide receiver Kaelin Clay turned into a 99-yard touchdown for Oregon on Saturday.

Clay caught a pass from Utah's quarterback Travis Wilson on Oregon's 40 yard line and sprinted for what appeared to be an easy score (video below).

The announcers called it and Utah fans cheered, but noted the referees didn't call the touchdown or blow the play dead.

Clay had dropped the ball only inches from the goal line before he made it into the end zone.

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The ball sat still for a few seconds before Oregon linebacker Joe Walker suddenly picked up the fumble and ran the length of the field for the real touchdown.

Utah fans were stunned when officials reviewed the play and ruled in favor of the Ducks. The game went down hill for the Utes who lost 51-27, reports

"Oh my goodness," said one of the announcers.



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