Usain Bolt Wants to Reach "Living Legend" Status


Usain Bolt is the fastest man on Earth right now and he doesn’t plan on giving up that title. Bolt ran a 9.72 during the 2008 Olympics, later smashing it to a 9.58 during the 2009 World Championships.

Now Bolt plans to take it further, as he aims for a 9.4 during the London Olympics this summer.

“People are looking forward to me running 9.4, 19 seconds, anything that’s amazing,” he told BBC Sport. “So I’m working as hard as possible so I can go as fast as possible. They want to see my personality, me enjoying it and doing crazy stuff, but they also want to see that time.”

Bolt made himself a legend during the Beijing Olympics and plans to make himself the GOAT if he can get 9.4. Even getting a 9.5 would still be amazing.

“If I dominate the Olympics, I’ll be a living legend,” Bolt said. “A living legend walking around. Sounds good.”

It sounds great.

H/T Fourth-Place Medal

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