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Usain Bolt Dumped His Girlfriend to Focus on the Olympics

Women are a trip. Not because there is actually a problem with women, of course. Rather, because we as men can’t really focus on multiple things at one time. Ask us to chew gum – no problem. Tell us to walk somewhere – all good. Have us chew gum and walk somewhere all at the same time – boom, our brains explode all over the nearby wall.

And so, with that in mind, it stands to reason that the world fastest runner, a dude, wouldn’t be able to juggle multiple things in his head at one time either. As first noticed by the good folks at Yahoo! Sports, in order to full focus on the looming London Olympics, Usain Bolt has broken up with his girlfriend of six months, 28-year-old Lubica Slovak.

Here is the scoop, via Daily Mail:

Usain Bolt has dumped his girlfriend to concentrate on winning gold at the summer Olympics.

The Jamaican sprinted split from fashion designer Lubica Slovak so that she won’t distract him in the build-up to The Games.

News of the split follows a race row in his homeland after the 25-year-old was criticised for going out with a white woman but the relationship was defended by friends close to Bolt who described the couple as being very much in love.

Bolt heads into this year’s Olympics looking to best his own previously set world records in the 100m and 200m. He will presumably not be chewing gum while running.

Photo credit: Daily Mail

(Kudos to Yahoo! Sports, Daily Mail)

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