USA vs. El Salvador Fallout: Quotes, Reactions and Highlights

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Look away but here are the match highlights of Monday's devastating loss that ended the Yanks Olympic hopes followed by Caleb Porter's Post-Game Presser:

Caleb Porter

On Team Performance and On Last Goal:

“It's a painful moment. The players are devastated. To put-in as much as they put-in in that game, the amount of heart they put-in, to play the way they played in the second half, come from behind and score two goals, 3 seconds away from getting the #1 seed, it's unimaginable. But I told them in the locker room though that this won't define their careers as low as this moment is for them and as painful as it is, they have big days ahead a lot of those guys that were out on that field, the future of our country."

"Sad, I'm not going to get a chance to be in the trenches with those guys anymore. They did everything I asked, we made some mistakes that cost us the game. These guys have long careers ahead of them. I’m proud of those guys and I know they are going to do great things in the future."

"I’m sorry for the fans and sorry for us soccer that we didn’t get the job done but there’s nothing to be ashamed about."

On Sean Johnson:

“I hugged him, I cried with him. What do you do.”

“He feels like he let everybody down, let his teammates down. He feels that way, and I told him he didn’t. Kids got a big future and he was very good in the game and he'll move forward from this, it's going to be hard."

"These guys are young players, young players, they're talented players. Are they perfect no? No they are not perfect, they are still learning, they are still growing, they are still maturing but there will be some bright moments in these players' careers. The good majority of them will be wearing the crest and in some ways this will shape their character in a way that will help them achieve greater things in the future because adversity shapes people, winners in a way that will help them achieve more. I know that with these guys and that’s what I told them as well."

On the emotional gravity of the loss: 

“No, I have never felt anything like this in my life, that’s honesty.” "I could tell you something different..."

"To see them not achieve, it's not about me, and I have said that all along and I have told them that along. It's about them. I'm here to help them. To help them continue to evolve as professionals, help them achieve successful results, get to London...for me it's painful that they have to suffer like this given what they gave in that second half, unbearable. But again I'll move on from this as well, it's going to take some time. In some ways I'm still at a complete, I'm utterly shocked. It was a last second, second, second play."

On personal US coaching future:

“It’s really hard to frame that right now. I am not thinking about myself right now. I’m thinking about the players, it’s all I care about.”

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