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U.S. Goalie Ordered To Remove ‘We The People’ From Her Mask, IOC Calls It Propaganda

The International Olympic Committee ordered U.S. women’s hockey goalie Jessie Vetter to remove the U.S. Constitution from her helmet, calling it propaganda.

Vetter had an image of the document with the words “We the People” painted on her helmet using 23 karat gold paint. Below it appears her name, which she was also told to remove before the start of the Olympics at Sochi next month.

Helmet designer Ron Slater told InGoal that, “no writings of any kind to promote the country is allowed.”

Vetter is allowed to keep the USA logo, a bald eagle, and the Statue of Liberty on the mask, which are apparently not seen as propaganda.

“A sort of ‘our country is better than your country' kind of thing that the IOC frowns upon,” Slater said. “Her name had to come off because they see it as self-promotion. They wanted everything to be team based. … Our original idea was ‘land of the free, home of the brave,’ and that would have had to have been removed as well.”

Ahead of the Vancover Winter Games in 2010, Team USA hockey goalies were ordered to remove “Support Our Troops” from their helmets, Newser reported.

Sources: Newser, Yahoo Sports


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