'Take The Crown' Panties Confiscated Due To Copyright Infringement


The U.S. Department of Homeland Security was created in 2002 by President George W. Bush to help fight the "war on terror."

"We're making great progress in the war on terror," President Bush said at the time, reported The New York Times. "Part of that progress will be the ability for us to protect the American people at home. This is a very important piece of legislation. It is landmark in its scope."

Twelve years later, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is hard at work confiscating women's underwear from Birdies Panties in Kansas City, Missouri.

Peregrine Honig, a Kansas City Royals fan, created some blue panties that stated “Take the Crown” and “KC” on the behind.

“[Homeland Security] came in and there were two guys,” Honig told The Wichita Eagle. “I asked one of them what size he needed and he showed me a badge and took me outside. They told me they were from Homeland Security and we were violating copyright laws.”

Apparently, Honig has committed the grievous sin of connecting the “K” and the “C” on the panties, which is an alleged copyright infringement against Major League Baseball.

“We just thought it was something funny we could do,” added Honig. “But it was so scary.”

According to Sports Illustrated, the Major League Baseball website does not sell Royals panties.

Sources: The Wichita Eagle, Birdies Panties, The New York Times


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