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Urijah Faber Refuses to Retire Despite Losses

Urijah Faber is coming off of a defeat a performance against Joe Aldo in which the veteran was dominated from start to finish in an unanimous decision.

During the fight, Faber took a pounding at the hands of Aldo, but remained classy, and is still one of the most popular figures in the World Extreme Cagefighting.

Faber cited the fact after the round that he struggled with his strategy and game plan execution against Aldo.

“It felt like somebody taking a bat to my leg from the second round on,” said Faber in a post-fight interview. “I was desperately trying to catch a foot, an ankle, to knock him (Aldo) down. But the more effective he was with the kicks, the less mobile I was. If I fought him again, I would have to get a lot more creative and be wilder with my takedown attempts.”

From here, it is yet to be determined what Faber will do, but the WEC veteran says he does not plan on retiring in spite of the loss.

“We’ll see,” remarked Faber. “I’m going to Thailand in June to work on my Muay Thai (kicking technique) and see how much I can improve. The problem with moving down is that my training partner and a lot of my friends are at 135. The WEC is starting a 125 weight class, so maybe some of those guys might be interested in dropping down. But maybe they’re not.

“It’s just too early to say. I know I want to keep fighting superfights, though, the ones people want to come and see.”

The fight against Aldo was the first-ever pay-per-view match up in the WEC’s history and drew a large audience during the fight that went the distance.

Faber won the featherweight title back in 2006, and retained it for two years until 2008, when he lost to Mike Brown at WEC 36.

After the loss, he sports a career record of 23-4.

The fighter made his professional debut back in 2003 for the Gladiator challenge and defeated Jay Valencia.

It is unclear how the pay-per-view rating in the WEC’s first go-round will affect the future of the sport, as the two biggest stars competed.

It is thought that Aldo will fight the top contender in Brown in the next fight, that is not yet scheduled.

Online Sportsbooks had installed Faber as the betting underdog in the championship bout against Faber, with oddsmakers proving to be correct in their analysis.


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