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Urijah Faber Discusses WEC Championship Bout

Promoted as the biggest fight in the history of the World Extreme Cagefighting, Urijah Faber challenges Jose Aldo for the featherweight championship on Saturday night, April 24.

Faber is one of the greatest fighters in the history of the WEC, and sports a 23-3 career record, while Aldo comes in 16-1.

Faber has prepared very hard for the upcoming bout, with a chance to retake the division that he dominated for so long.

“I think the guy that poses a threat to Aldo is a guy that’s just as fast as he is, also has dangerous strikes but has the advantage of dictating where the fight goes,” Faber remarked. “He’s overmatched the other guys that he’s fought; he’s at a different level than his opponents. But I’ll be the first guy that will be able to match his speed … its Jose Aldo’s belt right now – but in my mind, that’s my belt. My belief is that I should have that belt.”

Aldo destroyed former featherweight champion Mike Brown to claim the belt for his own. Brown specialized in wrestling, as does Faber, who had 92 career wins in college at the University of California-Davis. Faber contests however that while Brown may have a wrestling background, his style was too generic to defeat Aldo.

“Brown’s wrestling is simple fundamentals; I’ve never been a fundamental wrestler,” Faber remarked. “I’m a scrambler and I do a lot of unorthodox things. Mike Brown is strong, well-versed and durable, and Aldo is extremely fast and hard to get ahold of. So that is a terrible matchup for Brown. And on top of that, Brown came in proclaiming that he felt like crap and we didn’t get to see the best Brown there.

“I don’t know what my takedown plan is (against Aldo), but I’m not scared to stand with the guy. I’m really difficult to hit and that’s why I’ve been able to sometimes fight six times a year. I want to be able to take him down if the opportunity surfaces, but I’m not desperately looking for a takedown.”

Both Faber and Aldo are very well-rounded fighters, as both are very good with the fight on the ground.  Aldo has defeated his last six opponents by knockout, with Brown being the most recent in November.

“Jose Aldo’s very well-rounded,” Faber remarked. “He is extremely fast, with really accurate knees, punches and kicks. I also have dangerous striking and a major advantage on the ground. I know that he’s a black belt but I’ve been grappling since the seventh grade competitively and that’s almost 18 years.

Faber went on to say that as far as weaknesses in Aldo’s game, they run few and far between, if there are any at all.

“I haven’t seen any weaknesses in his game — no one has been able to bring them out. I’ve watched some of his older fights and although he is very scrappy and has good takedown defense, his ground game was still very new.”

Online Sportsbooks believe that Aldo will continue his streak of winning, and defeat Faber on Saturday night at WEC 48 on pay-per-view.  Aldo is installed as a -285 favorite, with Faber in the underdog role at +225.


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