Urban Meyer: 'I Still Don't Get' Why Tebow Isn't In The NFL


Unlike most of the football watching world, Urban Meyer is confused about why Tim Tebow isn’t in the NFL.

During an interview at the Big Ten’s media day, the current Ohio State and former University of Florida coach said he still doesn’t get why Tebow never caught on in the league.

"I still don't get that part of it," Meyer said. "He's the second-most efficient passer ever to play college football."

True, Tebow was one of the greatest college players of all time. But the fact that he’s the second most-efficient passer in college history means little. The most efficient passer in NCAA history is Sam Bradford – a quality if unspectacular NFL starter. Want to know who numbers 3-5 are in the efficiency rankings? Kellen Moore, Ryan Dinwiddie, and Colt Brennan. No one from that group has done a thing in the NFL.

Meyer went on to concede that Tebow can only thrive in a nontraditional offense, but said that isn’t a problem since the NFL has several of those.

"He had really good personnel around him (at Florida) and we utilized his skill very well," Meyer said. "I think in a traditional setting, it is difficult, but there are a lot of non-traditional offenses now in the NFL.

"He'll be successful in whatever he does, but he's such a good player. I just wish it would work out for him."

It’s good that Tebow now collects a paycheck from ESPN as a college football analyst, because you could argue that the network ruined his career. Tebow is good enough to play in the NFL -- he just isn’t good enough to start in it. But he's absolutely better than plenty of backups in training camps today. The problem is, ESPN and co. follow him around like paparazzi. If you’re a GM, why would you bring in a media circus for a third string quarterback? You wouldn’t. You’d go with an unheralded player who wouldn’t bring unnecessary attention to the team.

This is exactly what teams across the league have done, and this is why Tebow makes a living talking about -- and not playing -- football. 


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