Unnamed Thunder Vet: Westbrook Thinks He’s Better Than Durant


While almost everyone with two eyes and some semblance of common sense can see that all is not copasetic between Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant when the Oklahoma City Thunder take the floor, some fans have chosen to live in Harold Camping-style denial.

It’s important to note, by the way, that nobody is insinuating that Westbrook and Durant aren’t close friends off the court. They no doubt share backpacks, swap glasses and watch cartoons together when they’re hanging out and there is no basketball going on. However, when the pair is on the court together, there is a very obvious, very clear distinction between how the two should play and how they actually play.

Because both Westbrook and Durant are such good guys at heart, the on-the-court issues between them are only gossiped about and have never actually been confirmed by either star. In fact, nobody from the Thunder organization has even uttered a peep about any potential problems between the dynamic duo.

Until now.

As per a New York Daily News report:

What undoubtedly fueled Westbrook's fiery response is a sense of entitlement. As one Thunder veteran said, privately, "He thinks he's better than Kevin Durant.”

While many will quickly dismiss an anonymous source -- who is actually in-the-know -- speaking on what we all suspect but haven’t been able to prove, it is worth reiterating that this is an actual source who is actually involved in team affairs discussing circumstances surrounding the situation.

Will this turn into a big deal between Durant and Westbrook? Probably not. Durant is extremely passive and Westbrook has already proven that he has a Gilbert Arenas-like me-against–the-world streak in him that won't allow the media or critics to deter him from what he wants to do.

But, if the Thunder keep losing games, expect this issue to resurface in a big way.


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