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Unlike Rest of NFL, Green Bay Packers Usually Win After Bye Week

You'd think coming off their bye weeks NFL teams would be refreshed and well-rested, and easily cruise to wins over their tired and battered opponents. Well, you'd be wrong, unless you are thinking of the Green Bay Packers.

The Packers (coming off their bye week or we wouldn't write this story!) are 5-1 after their week off since the Mike McCarthy Era began and 13-9 overall since the bye week was invented according to the Hudson Star-Observer in Hudson, Wisconsin. The overall league winning percentage in the first game back is just .526.

This season the league record is 8-10. Teams often come out flat after their bye week; perhaps their routines are thrown off by having a relaxing time away from football thrown into the usual weekly grind.

McCarthy said the only players who really benefit from the bye week are the injured ones -- they can get healthy and get back on the field.

So will the Packers come out flat against the Chargers on Sunday? McCarthy is stressing fundamentals during practices this week and scheduled an extra practice with pads, so he appears to be going to great lengths to avoid such a performance.


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