University of Wyoming Endorses Vulgar Anti-Nebraska T-Shirt


You stay classy, University of Wyoming.

In an effort to dress fans appropriately for the Nebraska game Saturday -- and tell the Huskers what they think of their corn-based heritage -- Wyoming is going to the gutter.

The Cowboys official athletics store website is pushing a vulgar T-shirt for its fans. 

(Editor's note: Hours after this piece was published, the shirt was unavailable for purchase on the Cowboys official athletics store website. However, you'll not that it still appears under the "top sellers" here. If you hover over Nebraska Screw Tee, you can still see it.)

On one side you have a big screw. On the other side you have a big picture of corn.

Hilarious! I'm guessing it took the brainiacs in Laramie a few years to come up with that clever combination. (Read in your best stereotypical cowboy voice: Well, Cody Lee, you see, we got that there screw on one side and we gonna put it next to that there corn cob. Whooo-weee, the boys down at the row-de-oh is gonna luv it.)

But it's not a crime to be unfunny. What's wrong here is that the foul language is officially endorsed by the university. This is an institution of higher learning? 

Let's not kid ourselvers, we all know "screw" is another way of saying the f-word. So the Wyoming athletic department says it's just fine to say "F the Huskers." That's a four letter insult that should be condemned by Wyoming -- not endorsed. And certainly not used to profit at $20 a pop.

Something tells me that if Nebraska Athletic Director Tom Osborne ever saw a T-shirt like that on the official Nebraska website, somebody would have a lot of explaining to do. And maybe one less job. Osborne wouldn't allow it -- and shouldn't allow it. 

It's one thing if a group of students print these shirts. Still not funny or clever, but I get that. They would get a pass and nobody would think too much of it. But the idea that the University of Wyoming is just fine with pushing a product that says "F" the opposition, is beyond lame. 

It's just pathetic.


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